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190.000 VNĐ
130.000 VNĐ
LM2596 Module V1
35.000 VNĐ
BL4.0 HM11 - SMD
249.000 VNĐ
BL2.0 HC06 -DIP(Slave)
145.000 VNĐ
nRF24L01 Module V1
45.000 VNĐ
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1.800.000 VNĐ
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Burn-E Progammer

200.000 VNĐ

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Mạch nạp PICKIT2

180.000 VNĐ
BL2.0 HC06 -DIP(Slave)

145.000 VNĐ
STM32F103C8 Mini KIT

230.000 VNĐ
STM32F4 Discovery

435.000 VNĐ


Hãng sản xuất: Quectel
Mã sản phẩm: VNT0142
Trạng thái: Hết hàng
Nhóm sản phẩm: GPS Module
Xuất xứ: Chính hãng
Kiểu chân:
Địa điểm lưu kho:
Đơn vị tính: Chiếc
160.000 VNĐ

Giá trước thuế: 160.000 VNĐ
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Số lượng 5 - 9 10 - 49 50 - 199 200 trở lên
Giá 155.000 VNĐ 150.000 VNĐ 145.000 VNĐ Liên hệ
Số lượng: -
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  • L1 Band Receiver (1575.42MHz)
  • Protocols: NMEA 0183, PMTK
  • I/O Voltage: 2.7V ~ 2.9V
  • Update Rate: 1Hz (default), up to 5Hz
  • Serial Interfaces UART: Adjustable 4800~115200 bps


L70-R, a low cost ROM-based GPS module, brings the high performance of MTK positioning engine to the industrial applications with compact profile, ultra low power consumption and fast positioning capability.

With advanced AlwaysLocate™ technology, L70-R achieves the low consumption and fully meets the industrial standard. AlwaysLocate™ technology allows L70-R to adaptively adjust the on/off time to achieve balance between positioning accuracy and power consumption according to the environmental and motion conditions.

AAdditional feature of embedded logger function called LOCUS allows L70-R to log position information to internal NVRAM. Based on internal
8KB NVRAM, L70-R can record around 500 events of logging data without adding cost.

With its tiny design, high precision and sensitivity, L70-R is perfectly suitable for a broad range of M2M applications such as portable device,
automotive, personal tracking, security and industrial PDA.


Key benefits

●  Extremely compact size: 10.1 x 9.7 x 2.5mm

●  Ultra low power consumption in tracking mode, 13mA

●  AlwaysLocate™, an intelligent controller of periodic mode

●  LOCUS, innate logger solution with no need of host and external flash

●  High sensitivity - 165dBm@Tracking, -148dBm@Acquisition

●  66 acquisition channels, 22 tracking channels

●  Support QZSS


●  Anti-Jamming, Multi-tone Active Interference Canceller


General Specifications
  L1 Band Receiver
Channel Number 22 (tracking) / 66 (acquisition)
  C/A Code  
  Horizontal Position
  Velocity Accuracy Without Aid < 0.1m/s
  Acceleration Accuracy Without Aid 0.1 m/s2
  Timing Accuracy 1PPS out 15ns


Reacquisition Time

  TTFF@-130dBm Cold Start <35s
  Warm Start <30s
  Hot Start <1s
  Sensitivity Acquisition -148dBm
  Tracking -165dBm
  Reacquisition -160dBm
  Environmental Operating Temperature -40℃ to 85℃
    Storage Temperature -45℃ to 125℃
  Dynamic Performance Maximum Altitude Max.18000m
  Maximum Velocity Max.515m/s
  Maximum Acceleration 4 G
  Dimensions 10.1 x 9.7 x 2.5 mm
  Weight Approx. 0.6g
Serial Interfaces
  Serial Interfaces UART: Adjustable 4800~115200 bps
Default: 9600bps
  Update Rate 1Hz (default), up to 5Hz
  I/O Voltage 2.7V ~ 2.9V
  Protocols NMEA 0183
Power Management
  Power Supply 2.8V ~ 4.3V
  Power Acquisition 16mA
  Power Tracking 13mA
  Power Saving Typ.1.6mA @AlwaysLocate™ (Note1)
    500uA@Standby Mode
    8uA@Backup Mode
    Periodic Mode
  Antenna Type Active or Passive
  Antenna Power External or Internal VCC_RF

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